• Gugulikayise Vilakazi

Eros Love

The concept of Eros love is an ancient Greek philosophy which refers to sensual or passionate love. In a Biblical context, it is a physical, sensual and intimate love between HUSBAND and WIFE. Our love for anyone who is not our spouse should not consist of these characteristic. This includes even a brother in Christ, we are to not be physical, sensual or intimate with them. Unless you are married, boundaries need to be established and followed in order to avoid any form of disappointment and heartbreak. Song of Solomon 8:4 says, “Do not awaken love until it pleases”. Therefore, do not play with fire with anyone you are not married to.

Get to know someone. Start off as friends and if things escalate you may both begin with the courtship process. It is important to avoid jumping into a relationship with people we barely know. Emotional boundaries are equally important as physical boundaries. It is surely a difficult task to pull off, however it is important to establish emotional boundaries so that we may have an easy time letting go when things do not work out.

I urge you ladies to guard your hearts. Reserve the love meant for your husband ONLY for your husband. Indeed, many of us have been foolish enough in the past and engaged in things we were not supposed to have engaged in. However, let us not make the same mistakes again in the church and be wise women who are not only in pursuit of purity but righteousness as a whole. Eros love is definitely worth the wait. Be patient.

Yours in Christ Gugulikayise


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